Welcome to Comedy Joke, the show where both those things are optional.

Comedy Joke is a fully improvised podcast, featuring us and sometimes our friends from the Tampa Bay improv community. Every episode features a game, where one of us — or our special guest — brings a very special segment for us to play together at the end. Some games include: “The Hollywood Development Game,” “The Newlyfriend Game,” “How They Died,” and much, much more.

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Unwritten, and produced by Taylor Gaines, Sophia Peerzada and Christian Torres.

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Meet the hosts of Comedy Joke!

Taylor Gaines is known for improvising in both Tampa and St. Pete and also for being into baseball for some godforsaken reason. He’s the guy who had the idea for the podcast in the first place, and he even came up with the name “Comedy Joke” on accident — after tripping over his words while on a call with Sophia & Christian. Taylor is the moral heart and “superego” of this podcast and we love that he lets us “boo” him in almost every episode. 

Sophia Peerzada is a local road-rage inciter and lover of canned beans. She credits most of her sense of humor to her tumultuous childhood and upbringing as a devout Muslim. Some may argue that she is the moral gray-area or “id” of the podcast, but that’s fine by her. She insists she’s just keeping it real.

Christian Torres is a guy you definitely (probably) already know, as he has been improvising for almost a decade now. If you don’t recognize him from improv, you may recognize him as the guy who returned a rotisserie chicken to Publix at the beginning of the pandemic. Christian says he’s the funniest host of this podcast, and Taylor and Sophia agree.