Author: taylorpgaines

Quiznos Isn’t Real

Hello, and welcome to the first SEASON FINALE of Comedy Joke. In this episode, Taylor chronicles the economic downfall of the Girl Scouts of America, Sophia argues that boats shouldn’t float, and Christian forgets how to have conversation with friends. Also, witness a therapy session between an owner and dog, a troubled sea captain, a […]

Nails to Chew

Episode 15 already?! In this episode, we go to an amusement park funeral, meet cows with a tale to tell, hear a pop star pitch a song, and witness a wealthy couple condescending. Also, Christian brings up fake controversies, Sophia defends Prom Queens, and Taylor reminisces about concessions. Then, the gang plays a round of […]

Young, Spry, Gonna Die Early

Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination … in the 14th episode of Comedy Joke. In this one (which features both improv AND conversation), one of the hosts makes a public service announcement, the gang discusses roles they’d play — and have played — in a teen society, Taylor embraces […]

Logistics, Sex, and Taxes

Buckle up, butter cups! It’s time for Comedy Joke No. 13! Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience where we talk about meat, Jason Statham and relationships. Plus, a poetic mother shares her gift, a Prius encounters a bazooka, the greatest generation plays childhood games, and a boyfriend makes reservations. Concluding this episode is Comedy Joke’s […]

Yammerin’ with Jabronis

It’s another episode of Comedy Joke, and this time it’s lucky Number 12! Christian shares a current event from the land down under, Sophia spends more time worrying about how others perceive her, and Taylor finds a reason to brag about his Mario Kart skills. Oh, and there’s improv! We learn the origin story of […]

Amy From Dealer Services

Let’s try this ‘Comedy Joke’ thing one more time — for the 11th time. In this episode, Sophia reveals she’s on a detox, Christian makes a plea to a mom, Taylor talks about sharing a bed with a close friend, and the gang discusses getting vaccinated. Plus, there’s improv! A mother defends her son, two […]

Mysterious Links From Mysterious Men

In this 10th installment of the Comedy Joke saga, Taylor comes in hot, Sophia spies on her neighbors, and Christian kills some dogs. But, that’s not all. Behold as an astronaut tries to connect to his son, children hold animals hostage, a reality show goes off the rails, and a chocolatier deals with the consequences […]

We Need to Talk About Ed Sheeran

In this episode, Sophia reveals yet another reason she’s going to hell, Christian sparks a heated debate, and Taylor’s lack of Pokémon knowledge is exposed. Meanwhile, a dead man tries to get the most out of his copay, a woman learns that her husband is only attracted to pancakes, and a maintenance guy gets stuck […]

Taylor’s on a Ball

In this episode, Taylor performs a set change, Sophia blocks a friend on social media, and Christian shares a recipe. We also meet a roommate who doesn’t wear headphones, attend a funeral for a bad friend and visit an intransigent college professor (with tenure). Then, Taylor brings the Interview Game to the main stage.  Instagram […]