With Regard to Socks

In this episode, Taylor recounts a harrowing dentist visit, Sophia tests out her “Goldilocks Theory,” and Christian reveals he’s acquired an elusive gaming console from Lakeland. Additionally, we visit an obnoxious hair salon, listen to a movie pitch from Mel Gibson’s son and witness a first date that quickly goes off the rails. Plus, Sophia […]

Don’t Dox the Dolphin

This episode features hosts feuding, Sophia testing out war tactics on elementary schoolers, Christian trying not to dox a famous dolphin, and Taylor inventing games so he can win them. Elsewhere, two kids plot a school escape, two older people pair up to see Inception, two brothers ease their minds in a non-competitive painting workshop, […]

Boy, That’s a Good Curriculum

This episode features a boy who’s concocted a love equation, a girl who’s really into polar bears, an academic advisor who’s bad at their job and a sting operation at a mall. Christian declares war on the Make-A-Wish foundation, Taylor gives three dubious reasons for wanting to move to South Korea, and Sophia tries to […]

One Highlander, Please

This episode features frat guys attempting improv comedy, a jingoistic car dealership and Scraggles the Zombie Cat. Sophia discusses “Islamic residuals,” Christian talks about buying two cars welded together, and Taylor unveils ‘The Hollywood Development Game’ — which quickly makes him lose his mind. Instagram Twitter